By Barry Fentiman Hall

February 2018 

This debut collection marks the culmination of two and a half years of the poet being lost in England in the time of Dave ‘n’ Teri. These poems attempt to capture the dandelion heart of the nation. Dandelions ‘grow anywhere and bloom many times. They even possess a unique beauty when their flower decays and the light catches them in just the right way. Ready to catch the breeze and brighten the world a little in the future. It’s good to be a dandelion.’  

Reviews of England, my dandelion heart

“A bold, daring collection that is both a lament for and a celebration of England, the Medway delta and the poet’s Northern roots.”  Bill Lewis (author of In The House Of Ladders and The Long Ago And Eternal Now

“Barry Fentiman Hall is an expert archaeologist of abjection, conjuring living fossils and rented moments, burrowing down through the strata beneath the face on the streets. This is poetry that rescues something important from being trod into the carpet; that finds its feet where the rain gets heavier and understands that there is not always a choice between death and flight.”  Phil Smith (author of Mythogeography and Anywhere)


England, my dandelion heart

by Barry Fentiman Hall

ISBN 978-0-9926853-7-9

Paperback, 68pp, 2018

£10 (+ £2 UK postage)

£10 (+ £5 postage world)