... the writers and visual artists in 'The Road Not Taken'

Cover of An Assemblance of Judicious Heretics anthology

AN ASSEMBLANCE OF JUDICIOUS HERETICS: 'Two roads diverged in a yellow wood / And sorry I could not travel both.'  


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Nigel Adams

I make stuff out of love. I make stuff out of love. I make stuff out of love. I make stuff out of love. I make stuff out of love.


David Bahia

Natural philosopher, song of the Earth.


Didi Bergman 

Didi. Paints, draws and makes noises.


Faye Brown 

I'm no good at writing though.


Kieran A Brown

Hairy and bizarre, this mythical woodland creature/artist has set himself up in the midst of the community interest group Unravel and Unwind where he spends time creating and helping


Matt Chamberlain 

Matt's performances are redemption via public nervous breakdown. He lives in minutiae and survives by shooting pragmatism through its complacent heart and spreading subtle word-jam on the corpse.


Geoff Christie @geoffshadow54

Registered blind artist. Grew up in Rainham, enjoyed 20 years as a gas engineer but started losing sight in 2013. Has enjoyed painting on and off for 10 years.


Laura Chuter
Exploring geometry and chaos, mainly in the mediums of ink and watercolour. Inspired by fractals, music, nature, and Brandon Boyd. 


Lesley Ellen Cooperwaite

It’s dawned on me lately that the work I produce is assemblage it hasn’t always been this way, I studied Fine Art painting although I really had wanted to study sculpture and was possibly ill advised when told to stick to painting. Having said that maybe I had to paint in order to discover the versatility of materials. My work is very much process led, all about playing with materials and objects and seeing what is possible. My work can be quiet dark, although this is not necessarily intentional, I do usually find that I am trying to say something but don’t always know what this is until the piece is realised. Often the subject is closely connected to things that have happened in my life or things that I feel strongly about and although I do like to make the viewer question what is going on I am equally happy for them to reach a conclusion which was not perhaps the message I intended.


Jen Cross
So much is lost in translation.


Janine Crow

As late to creativity as everything else, poetry just kinda happened.
London born, washed up in Kent 10 years ago.
Has a pet pigeon.
Yes you did read that right...


Zach Davies

Zack Davies writes poetry because it beats talking about football. By day he codes websites, rearranging abstruse text in the hope that something will magically start working


Maggie Drury
Paints, prints and writes. Plays performed in London and Kent. Short story ‘Unexplored Territory in an anthology of the same name. Short plays performed at She Writes; co-wrote The Spirit of My Dream for the Rochester LitFest 2014. 


Angela Dye
Angela Dye creates ‘beautiful, complex, layered, allusive’ stories and poems for performance and publication, writes visionary features on teaching and writing, and crafts innovative community events.
Web under construction.


Sally Evans  
Sally Evans lives in Callander, Scotland. Her poetry books include The Bees (2008), and Poetic Adventures in Scotland (2014). She edits Poetry Scotland broadsheet and the blogzine Keep Poems Alive.


Barry Fentiman-Hall

Barry is a writer. He has also curated this ambitious exhibition for two years running,  

Barry's writing for Wandering Words on Sheppey can be found here


Sam Fentiman-Hall

Sam is a writer. She has also edited and designed the book.  


Bernice Friend
From Medway, graduated in 1998 BA (Hons) Fine Art specialising in portraiture. Interests in childhood, myth and fairy tales, recently crossing boundaries between Art and Craft OOAK cloth art dolls


Bill Gooch

Man in The Attic Photography is Freelance Picture Taker/editor/ Image Maker Bill Gooch. His page has been made to showcase his Photographs taken of people and places in and around the Medway Towns.
Digital Images shared for free on social media and the internet including links to the people or places in those images to create a sense of Place.


Riven Gray
art teacher and fine artist extrordinaire 

Facebook: Riven Gray Artist/Teacher


Heather Haythornthwaite
Studied at Bath Academy of Art and Goldsmiths College Heather has worked in education and publishing. Now self employed, proprietor of the Hazelnut Press producing intaglio relief and letterpress art. Regular exhibitor at Frances Iles Rochester.

The visualisation of the experience of movement and early electric technologies come together in this piece.

The Hazelnut Press. 


Sarah Hehir
Sarah Hehir is a playwright and poet. In 2013 she won the BBC Writers Prize for her radio drama Bang Up. She teaches creative writing in schools, universities and prisons. 


Dee Hudson
Textile artist working in textiles & mixed media to create sculptured pieces. My primary source of inspiration is drawn from natures own fractals. Texture and form are primary to my work.


Shaun Philip Hutchings

Shaun lives in Strood where he was born 50 years ago. He has a history of painting abstracts and pictures of robots. Like Picasso he is short and bald.


Joff Insole

Six foot five of contradictions. 
Punk gentleman.
Working class connoisseur. Special Brew devotee. Unselfconcious performer. Collector of stuff and teller of tales.
Father, Grandfather Manchild
Outsider in Life and Art.


Frater Xii Irrumabo
Matt writes fractured prose dealing with longing, insanity and transcendence. Fascinated with occult traditions, he dubbed himself Frater Irrumabo as a dirty joke, and now finds himself lumbered with a pseudonym which he can’t explain in polite society.


Richard Jeferies
I'm the Artist. Where's my wine?


SM Jenkin
Regular contributor to ME4Writers, and Wordsmithery projects. SM Jenkin creates poems, stories and short plays inspired by the histories and beauty of Medway, and speculative fiction writers Angela Carter and Kim Stanley Robinson.

Anne-Marie Jordan
words, films, Pugs, fizz and boxsets


Philip Kane
Philip Kane is almost grown up.


Georgina Lee
Adventures in creative writing over the years have led me to this exact moment - writing a biography for a project I never knew I needed to be a part of.


Bill Lewis
A poet, visual artist and storyteller.

Bill Lewis is one of the founder members of The Medway Poets and also of Stuckism.

His has published in Europe, America and Australia and has been translated into French, Spanish and German

Ira Lightman
Poet, storyteller, experimental buffoon, Ira appears on Radio 3 a lot. Ira just finished a commissioned poem for the Northumberland leg of the Tour of Britain cycle race

Sharon Manship @artmanship
A lover of all things creative from baking and painting to blogging and crafting. Other endeavours include painting murals, making jewellery and personalised gifts. It’s impossible to stop!


Maria C McCarthy
Writes stories and poems in a shed at the end of her garden. Her story collection, As Long as it Takes, is published by Cultured Llama.


Clair Meyrick
Writer, runner, dreamer Housework averse.


Malek Montag
A wordsmith wrought of disquiet discourse.

My work is a mirror of my experience through which I walk with an open mind and a dangerous bent. Nothing is what it seems.

Cole Moreton
Cole Moreton is an author, journalist and broadcaster who writes for the Independent and other titles but spends as much time as possible staring out to sea.


Tara Moyle
Tara teaches first-year writing at Montclair State and William Paterson University. From 2010-2012 she lived in Medway, where she began her blog, Bright Purple Rain Boots. Her current projects include a set of essays called Other People's Houses and a poetry chapbook, Anatomy of the Fool.  She lives in Bloomfield, New Jersey with one husband and too many cats. (coming soon)


Bethany W Pope
Bethany W Pope has published several collections of poetry: A Radiance (Cultured Llama, 2012) Crown of Thorns, (Oneiros Books, 2013), The Gospel of Flies (Writing Knights Press 2014), and Undisturbed Circles (Lapwing, 2014). Her first novel, Masque, shall be published by Seren in 2016.


Nikki Price

Rochester based freelance photographer working in both digital and film. 

As well as landscape, documentary and art based photography, I have a particular soft spot for portraits. I can provide a range of bespoke photography services, including: family and pet portraits, head shots, band and promotional work, artistic nudes, engagement, documentary and product stills for commercial purposes.


Sam Rap

I am Sam Rapp, the dyslexic poet. I am a Sussex born writer, and lawyer and moved to Kent for work with the intention of moving back to Brighton. I don't have a set genre as I write what I feel, whether poetry, plays, books or short stories, the subject matter can be mad, sad, bad,comical political and about the horrors of war, life, love and laughs. I regularly perform my work in and around Medway and have performed in Brighton. I have recently taken part at the homespun festival, and am performing again at this year's Rochester litfest.

Facebook: Sam-rapp-the-dyslexic-poet


Peter Reeds
I studied fine art at Medway College of Art (now UCA) from 1964 - 1968. Began my career as a portrait painter as I loved painting people. I then collected life experience.


Dianne Reeves
Medway Ink Peddler & Compulsive Creative


Dylan Oscar Rowe
The creative known as Dylan Oscar is something of a lyrical monster, formed from the parts of an honest spoken word performer, and a brooding Byronic poet


Stef Rowe

A temporary artist, unfazed by convention.


Razz Saunders
write what comes into my head, like to see peoples reactions when I am performing. I prefer the performance part of it.


Marilyn Simpson
A Medway Towns photographer, specialising  in photographing pets and nature. Also a published fiction writer. I like capturing moments in time, expressing with pictures and words.


Phil Smith
Phil is a writer, performer and ambulatory researcher. Publications include Counter-Tourism: The Handbook, On Walking, Enchanted Things, the novel Alice’s Dérives in Devonshire and Mythogeography.


Roy Smith
Roy Smith lives in the Medway Towns. He works with young people and sometimes writes stuff. He is regularly interrupted by his dog and the desire to play classic video games.


Wynford Vaughan Thomas
worker of eclectic romance with strife!


Lin Tidy

Lin Tidy was born in Hackney and left school at 15, going back to education later in life. Her first book, The Warrior on the Wall is a memoir, written while serving three months in a high security prison for contempt of court.


Chris Tong

Where do I start, well had a passion from the tender age of about 10 when my Grandad who was an avid photographer, lent me, under supervision, a Brownie Box camera and a roll of 120 film, monochrome I must add,  and told me to “Have a go lad”.

Moved on a bit since then, shoot digital now but miss seeing my photos magically appear in the developing tray. Oh well, guess that is progress.

Still have one of his old film cameras, a Kershaw Eight- 20 Penguin, might use it one day.


Chris Van Beck
Scottish art-photographer living in Rochester

Born in Aberdeen, lives in Rochester. A photography BA degree gave him ambitious to be an artist. Three years into rolling ten year plan to be a genius: making progress.

Website: on his to do list.


Lisa Vigour

DJ, singer, writer, dancer, artist.


Neil R Wood
Neil has been writing and creating since boyhood; dark tales, poetry of depth and singing wordplay and songs of a range and style to take the breath away


James Worse
Meqund by hemistrones, varving for predulation - their spurmid paraglossowaries flust by Worsifaction. Spoazy glotes oftsome ludder mequelgane - every blartful quesque gloavered in sensellum


Abigail Ziering

Maniacally verbose songwriter and guitar basher for Luna Lacuna and IIXII with occasional forays into prose. Diabolical dauber for suitably deviant collaborations and own dubious pleasure. Creature of the night.