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... wellbeing craft get together for creatives.

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Crafternoons for creatives was a monthly wellbeing get together for creative freelancers and those working in the creative industries to relax and chat, whilst getting their craft on!


The Wordsmithery team were concerned at the amount of stress and creative burnout that we were seeing among our fellow self employed and freelance creatives. Though the arts have been shown to have a measurable positive affect on the wellbeing of those who partake in them - what about those who devise and facilitate these sessions and projects?

Though we cannot chase up your outstanding invoices, help you apply for grants, or encourage people to buy your handmade goods and services, or make them come to your theatre shows; we can facilitate a safe, welcoming space where you can forget about the pressure and hassles of your main creative job for a few hours, as you get a bit crafty.

So bring along that knitting that you've been meaning to finish, or that jacket you wanted to embellish, or your sketch pad, and your scissors and pens, get a hot drink from the cafe, and come and have a chat to some other people who understand what it's like to work in the creative industries!   

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Times and place

Fridays, 2-5pm June-November 2019

The Creative Cabin, 

Nucleus Arts Centre

272 High Street 


Thanks to Nucleus Arts for providing the space. 

"This surpassed my expectations of a pleasant afternoon. The idea of crafting and chat in such a relaxed atmosphere turned out to be a brilliant one. I knew I couldn’t do any “work” crafting if people were chatting so I took some sewing to do. Something that wouldn’t end up in an exhibition. You might think it’s a bit coals to Newcastle for an artist and maker, but it is years now since I attended a workshop just for fun, or sat around casually doing some needlework. By the end, I felt as if I’d had an afternoon at a spa, or a meditation retreat ... completely chilled. It’s a lonely life, being an artist, so it was a great pleasure to chat to like-minded souls while keeping my hands busy."

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