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Services for writers

For Playwrights we offer dramaturgy and script reports (as well as proofreading if required); for Novelists we offer manuscript editing, proofreading and formatting. Each novel or play is different, so please email for full details and a quote.

Services for writers include: 


Manuscript/Script report, a short report (usually about 4 pages) with comments on the script or manuscript, and points to consider/discuss. Clients often choose this service as a first stage in the development process for their novel/play; 


Editing, depending on your needs, we would work with you to develop your novel or play. This might take several drafts, or could be on just one draft, with in-depth comments.


Dramaturgy/Novel clinic, a one-to-one meeting where we will focus on the areas in your play or novel you're most concerned about. This could be in person or on the phone. 


Basic proofreading, which includes correcting typos, stylistic issues, but no comments on content. This is often a last stage, after editing. 

Novel writing clients

"I found your feedback instructive, precise, you got stuck in with the story and the characters and knew how they would perhaps be better off, you made things clearer, coherent with regard to form as well as content."  Kik Lodge, 2015 (Editing) 

"Sam edited my manuscript and I found her advice invaluable. She saw things that I hadn't seen or considered. Her knowledge was amazing and her proofreading was very detailed. Her report on how to improve my story helped to change my work from something useless - into something readable.


I found her manuscript editing service to be brilliant and I would recommend her to everyone! She also offered help with my agents' letter and synopsis. Usually, you have to pay separately for all these services, with Sam it all came in one package. She was definitely good value for money.'" Steph Upton, 2015 (Editing and Novel clinic) 




Playwriting clients

"Brilliant – thank you so much – I don’t think there is one comment I don’t agree with or can’t see where you are coming from. The sections of the report were all very clear and useful. They will really help me on my next draft. It’s so valuable to have someone to give you feedback on your work." SJ Horan, 2014 (Script report) 

"Thank you for the script report, which is good value for money in view of its detail, as evidenced also by your spotting of those typos. You have my recommendation."  Sahlan Diver, 2013 (Script report) 


"Sam is a good listener and skilled at giving objective distance. She used both these qualities to slowly coax me out of my writing comfort zone and help me explore my play."  Lindsey Nicholas, 2015 (Script report and Dramaturgy)

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