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... our anthology of writing about life in cities 


- throughout September 2022 - City without a head is £5 (Plus P+P, UK only)

Trying to define the nature of life in cities in a collection of creative writing, we launched our anthology of poems, prose, journalese and found ephemera, CITY WITHOUT A HEAD, at Rochester Literature Festival, on 8 October 2013.

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£5, + £2 P+P (UK-only)

The ‘Encyclopaedia Citaecephale’, aka 'The City Project', aka ‘The City without a Head’, was our occasional journal trying to define the essence and nature of the city, in a collection of creative writing. The publications were printed up during 2011-13 guerilla-style on a colour photocopier, then left around Medway and London, for lucky readers to find (though some have travelled much further afield!). The publication featured contributions from many Medway guest writers. There were 8 limited edition issues in the project.


We decided to refine and collect the best writings from this project into a book. 

Writing by Sam Hall, Barry Fentiman Hall, SM Jenkin, Anne-Marie Jordan, Tara Moyle, Roy Smith, and Sarah March. 

Illustrations by Victoria Wainwright. 


“The Foreword, generally a patronising piece of drivel, stuck on the first few pages no-one ever reads of any book, sets itself a world apart from any of the others I’ve skipped passed or forced myself to read before; tentatively explaining exactly where the anthology’s origins lie, setting you up for intimate journeys through claustrophobia, post-apocalyptic rage-against-the-machine and unfortunately eventful driving lessons – “Good stuff” – to name but a few… Reading “City Without a Head” was a surprising experience, to say the least. Apart from a few, minor hiccups, this anthology is wonderfully enthralling and the passion that oozes from each page is unquestionable. It’s not an easy read – some of it will make your head spin in the sheer density of its intimacy (I now feel like I know each author personally) but it is rewarding.” ****

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