... 2017: Revolution

AN ASSEMBLANCE OF JUDICIOUS HERETICS: 2017's collaborative project with the theme of ‘revolutions’. 

For the fourth year running we have teamed up writers and artists anonymously in what has fast become one of the most hotly anticipated events and exhibitions of the year. 

The project works as follows: we ask writers to write to our theme - this year we asked them to be inspired by revolutions of any sort - then we anonymously give these written texts to a range of artists – and they will interpret the text in whatever medium they chose. The writing and artworks were displayed as part of an exhibition at Rochester Library throughout October 2017. 

This year there were almost 40 artworks in the exhibition, taking the form of paintings, objects, sketches, textiles, prints, and more. 

Facebook: An Assemblance of Judicious Heretics

The Heretics (not alphabetical!)

Zach Davies (writing), Nigel Adams (art and writing), Marie Lightman (writing), Richard Jeferies (art), Spreken (writing), Riven Gray (art), James McKay (writing), Marilyn Simpson (art), Barrie West (writing), Bronach Rae (art and writing), Sam Rapp (writing), Dianne Reeves (art), Matt Chamberlain (writing), Karen Glykys (art), Dasa Kruzlicova (writing), Lesley Ellen & George Cooperwaite (art), Heather Haythornthwaite (art), Maria C. McCarthy (writing), Maggie Drury (art and writing), Sally Evans (writing), Geoff Christie (art), Emma Chamberlain (art), Rosemary McLeish (writing), Kira G Graly (art), Guy Jordan (writing), Neill Razz Saunders (writing and art), Philip Kane (writing), Nikki Price (art), Hayley Wishart (writing), Mark Peverley (art), SM Jenkin (writing), Chiara Lilley Barnett (art), Angela C Dye (writing), Max Kimber (art), Lin Tidy (writing), Cali Jeferies (art), Zoe Stegosaurus (writing), Abigail Ziering (art), Gareth Writer-Davies (writing), Shaun Philip Hutchings (art), David Bahia (art), Connor Sansby (writing), Faye Lamb (art), Matt Clemens-Lary (writing), Sarah March (writing), Chris Tong (art), Neil R Wood (writing), Luna Travers (writing and art) + Neil Thorne (art), Frater Xii Irrumabo (writing), Jess Turner-Murrell (art), Valerie Tyler (art), Alex Procter (writing), Didi Bergman (art), Sam Fentiman Hall (writing and art), Stephanie Smith (art), Helen Frosi (writing), Duncan Grant (art), Barry Fentiman Hall (writing), SarahLilly Fishman (art), Anne-Marie Jordan (writing), Jo Eden (art), Clair Meyrick (writing and art), Dee Hudson (art), Roy Smith (writing), Lisa Vigour (art), Sarah Hehir (writing), Laura Chuter (art), Janine Booth (writing).


The pairings were revealed on 2 October 2017 at our launch event.