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... our showcase at Lounge on the Farm

She Writes is 17Percent's showcase of short plays by women playwrights, running in different formats since 2011.


For Lounge on the Farm 2012 we presented a selection of new short plays by Kentish women writers, entitled MAID IN KENT.

Listings showing Maid in Kent - photo

Maid in Kent. 

Aliens... obsessive mothers... a sea monster and a psycho killer!


Maid in Kent, our show at Lounge on the Farm featured five of our most popular short plays, all written by Kentish authors. The plays chosen have aliens, a sea monster, a psycho-killer, a date that goes horribly wrong and a pair of women whose interest in celebrity cookware goes too far. 


We chose these five plays as they are all a lot of fun and showcase a range of styles and topics. One of the things that women’s writing is often accused of is being ‘domestic’; these five varied pieces showed the audience that’s really not the case. They have also all been written by Kent-based playwrights. For Lounge on the Farm, we wanted this local connection, as the first woman to earn a living from writing, the playwright Aphra Behn, was born near Canterbury. 

Maid in Kent was performed in the Playhouse Theatre, Lounge on the Farm, Merton Farm, Canterbury, 6 July 2012. The writers were Sue Blakesley, Sarah Davies, Maggie Drury, Sam Hall and SM Jenkin. Directed by Sarah Davies.   


See images from the production. 


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