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... a poetry treasure hunt for National Poetry Day

For National Poetry Day 2011, 2012, and 2013, we set out on a quest to infuse the five Medway towns with poetry, by playing our game, POETRYMON.

Poem card photo

Gotta find 'em all!  (This one was found near LV21)

Each year we played the game, we hid hand crafted poetry cards around the Medway towns, and through a series of online clues, played a game of treasure hunt with the folk of Medway.


In 2013, we had our biggest number of collaborators, with poems from a range of Medway writers.


The cards were hidden in a variety of places in Medway and we post clues on social media. The clues were live from 12 o’clock lunchtime on National Poetry Day, when  you were able to follow the clues to find our unique poetry cards. 


We had a system of initials for identifying the author of your poem. 

Watch a film:


You can see a film about the first year we played the game. 


Watch Poetrymon


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