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... multi-disciplinary collaborative project

THE SEVENTH TRAVELLER was part ghost story – part mystery – part online game – part history walk. An event fusing literature, audio, film and art created by a multi-disciplinary group of local talents.

Readers at the Dickens Festival

Readers at the Dickens Festival. 

“Rochester is purgatory and for one night of the year you have a get out of hell free card – if you can get into the Six Poor Travellers House.” A multimedia event very vaguely inspired by Charles Dickens’ ‘The Seven Poor Travellers’. 


Seven writers collaborated on the project, each telling the story of a different character, the stories were linked together through a series of online clues.


We performed extracts from the project at the Dickens Festival 2010. Our readers are pictured reading extracts from ‘The Legend of Swift Nick’ a short play by Sam Hall. Swift Nick Nevison was a gentleman and a highwayman. He rode 200 miles in one day from Gads Hill to York, a feat wrongly attributed to Dick Turpin. In this extract, Dick Turpin and Nick Nevison are arguing in a bar.


Comments from the audience included ‘inspirational’, ‘interesting’ and 'brilliant level of research', ‘like Radio 4 but better’!


Project member Roy Smith also created a downloadable audio walk for the project. 

Online project repository:


This project is now finished, but you can see some more images from the project and download a pdf with extracts to read from the address below. You can also find a link to the audio walk.


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