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... BFH's live one-man poetry show

Poster for The Unbearable Sheerness live

We love a challenge. So in 2017, we did a performance reading of the whole of Barry's poetry pamphlet... THE UNBEARABLE SHEERNESS OF BEING. A magical realist journey around the island of Sheppey.


The Unbearable Sheerness of Being featured a tour de force performance from Barry of his pamphlet of poetry and short story, with music by Brutalist architecture in the sun, poetry guest slot by SM Jenkin, stage design by Richard Jeferies and videos by Sam Hall.


Listen to an interview about the show.  

"A fascinating evening of wonderful poetry inspired by a place I knew nothing about. It was a treat."

BFH performs a Sheppey Little Theatre
BFH performs at Sheppey LIttle Theatre
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