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... a portmanteau play inspired by Byron

She Writes is 17Percent's showcase of short plays by women playwrights, running in different formats since 2011.


THE SPIRIT OF MY DREAM is a new portmanteau play from 17Percent. It was performed as part of the Rochester Literature Festival 2014.

Photo from the play. Aphra Behn and Nell Gwynne

Travel in time and space from Restoration comedy to a dark fairytale to a nightmare future landscape...


The play was inspired by a poem by Byron, ‘The Dream’, and used the imagery of dreams and sleep to take the audience on a surreal journey of a lucid dreamer. In three dreams we met a cast of unusual characters; from Restoration comedy, to fairytale, and to a dark future landscape. 


The Spirit of my Dream was performed at Rochester Literature Festival, 4 October 2014. It was devised and written by Medway-based writers Maggie Drury, Sam Hall and Sarah Hehir. It was directed and produced by Sam Hall. 

“Very good writing and acting”

“Great play, great acting, really enjoyable”

“Intriguing production with brilliant performances”

“Loved the structure. Slick, emotionally truthful. You should tour with this!”

“Another triumph for @17percent with the fantastic The Spirit of My Dream.”

“Well that was an amazing high quality performance!!!! Well done @17percent"


See images from the production. Meet the team.  


When dreamers dream. Photo by Man in the Attic Photography. 

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