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Karen Bartholomew's writing credits include: Bootleg Theatre, Two Small Sherries, She Writes, Paul Farris, Carlton Hobbs, BBC online, Monologue Slam, Leicester Comedy Festival, Angels on Fire, Wireless Theatre. She was shortlisted in the Blackshaw Showcase Award 2016. Long-listed Old Vic 2016 & Bread & Roses Playwriting Award.

Giving up Marty

Until now he’s just known Mum, Dad and his sister. Life is safe, settled and secure. Yes, he’s been curious about his origins but no more than that. As he turns eighteen, much to everyone’s surprise, it’s Martha, his birth mother and Melissa, his birth sister who come looking for him. The events that follow, leave Joel embroiled in a family history, that changes his life and identity forever.

There’s long been a fascination with blood ties and those broken, reunited and reshaped. Adoption reunion is epic and complex in nature and never easy, but it's this unease that needs to be heard.

Giving Up Marty is a brand new play by Karen Bartholomew. Spare and gutsy, it takes no prisoners.


One of five shows (out of 500) nominated for People's Choice Award (Vaults Awards 2020). 


‘Theatre at its most thought provoking.’ (Broadway World)


‘Giving Up Marty is a play well worth seeing. Purposeful and heart wrenching on a subject that will continue to be with us.’  (Everything Theatre)


‘Honest, truthful, moving and at times very funny.'  (AdoptionUK)


'Gives a voice to a group who are too often misunderstood and unheard.’  (Spy in the Stalls)


‘A hard-hitting story which conveys the complexities of adoption reunion for all involved.’  (Family Stage)


‘Bartholomew’s writing is filled with dark humour.’  (Family Stage)


‘Excellent play – it is a really important story.’  (PACT -Adoption)

God's Waiting Room

An end of life comedy.

Mother is dying slowly, the wait is unbearable, the pressures insurmountable, the thoughts unbelievable. Surely a gesture towards God's bigger plan is needed? Sisters, Stella and Connie are different from one another but share a common and profound love for their mother. Can things really continue as they are?


EVERYTHING THEATRE - 'Many theatre lovers have missed this gem of a play that deserves more exposure.' - FULL REVIEW


​REMOTE GOAT - 'Death explored in a brave way.'


LONDON PUB THEATRES - 'Poignant, funny an​d beautifully accurate'  - FULL REVIEW

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