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PAMPHLET, Paperback 24pp, full colour, May 2021, £5 + £1.50 p+p

Cat Dreams by

Sam Hall

Sam Hall's illustrated memoir zine about her lifelong relationship with cats.  

"I'm not a cat person, but I wanted to say how much I loved the text and the drawings."

"Just read Cat Dreams cover to cover. Really enjoyed it. Been the highlight of my day." 

Printed on recycled paper.

* A percentage of the proceeds from this zine will go to selected cat charities. 

ISBN: 978-1-9160183-2-7, Paperback, 64pp, April 2020, £10 + £2 p+p


by Rosemary McLeish

Rosemary McLeish confronts cancer straight on in this powerful collection.

"... McLeish is open about the fear, pain (both physical and emotional), brutality, strength, weakness, anger and sadness that she feels. There is such touching beauty in this collection..." Jane Burn

“Rosemary McLeish's unsparing honesty combines with eloquence and an extraordinary poetic imagination to bring beauty." Rosie Johnston


ISBN 978-0-9926853-8-6

Paperback, 64p, 2018  £10 + £2 p+p

Longing for more

by Jonathan Terranova

This debut collection of poetry negotiates a kind of peace with the twin foes of loss and grief. The poet puts his unflinching honesty on the table to make a bargain with the reader.  A visceral writer who contrasts the hideous tragedy of the natural world with its awe inspiring beauty. 

“...real, raw emotion in these poems, delicate and brutal." Mark Holihan


ISBN: 978-0-9926853-3-1, Paperback, 100pp, full colour, 2015, £15 + free p+p

An assemblance of judicious heretics

Writing and artwork by  established writers and artists sits alongside the work of new talent in this stunning anthology. (Nominated in the Kent Culture Awards 2016.) Taking Robert Frost's poem 'The Road Not Taken' as inspiration, 33 writers wrote stories, poems and a play. The writing was then given anonymously to 35 artists who then interpreted the new texts in whatever medium they wanted.


ISBN: 978-1-9160183-4-1, Paperback, Aug 2020, £10 + £2 p+p

Galloping horses by

Setareh Ebrahimi

Iranian-British poet Setareh Ebrahimi's debut full-length poetry collection focuses on motherhood, but much more.  

"Mothers wear many hats but can never shed the one marked "mother".
Setareh Ebrahimi reflects on a stage of life that never ends in a cracked mirror that reveals much and hints at other secrets as yet unwritten." 


ISBN 978-1-9160183-0-3

Paperback, 72p, 2019  £10 + £2 p+p

I am a field

by Rosemary McLeish

This debut full-length collection of eclogues and recollections powerfully  captures place and time. Worlds balance on a page and spin. Each time it stops, you want to go there.

"... she manages to maintain her lyrical touch throughout, so that the collection as a whole remains cohesive and utterly compelling.”  Joy Howard


ISBN 978-0-9926853-7-9

Paperback, 68p, 2018  £10 + £2 p+p

England, my dandelion heart by BFH

These poems attempt to capture the dandelion heart of the nation. Dandelions ‘grow anywhere and bloom many times. They even possess a unique beauty when their flower decays and the light catches them in just the right way. Ready to catch the breeze and brighten the world a little in the future. It’s good to be a dandelion.’  


ISBN: 978-0-9926853-0-0, Paperback, 156pp, 2013, £9 + free p+p

City without a head

- anthology

Dip in and out of this collection of short stories, poems and other ephemera inspired by life in cities... A collection of poetry and prose taking the theme of an alphabetical index. It is not a guide book. If you are lost it cannot help you find your way...

“... an exceptionally refreshing and eloquent anthology...” FemaleArts


ISBN: 978-1-9160183-1-0, Paperback, 52pp, May 2020, £10 + £2 p+p

Sketches by Baz

Fentiman Hall

BFH observes the people and places of Medway, England; the robberies, the crashes, the anger, the people on the street who are simply just there, having no place else to be. 

"... contemporary issues through commonplace moments, and with language that sings, these poems give everyday England a new sort of mythology in the process.” Kate Garrett


ISBN 978-0-9926853-9-3

Paperback, 48p, 2018  £10 + £2 p+p

Fire in the head

by SM Jenkin

In the debut poetry collection, SM Jenkin gives us a Blakean book of fire and magic.

“You can taste the tang of the Medway in these sharp, observant poems, where myth and history gang-up on the present to tell new tales. A fine line-up from poet, SM Jenkin...” 

Caitlín Matthews


ISBN: 978-0-9926853-6-2, Paperback, 44pp, full colour, 2017, £8 + £2 p+p

One man's trash by Matt

Chamberlain and Spreken

Poems inspired by mundane photos leads to unexpected beauty. This collaboration between two Kent poets started life as a writing experiment to help escape writers’ block.

  "There’s a precious fragility to this poetry ... they squeeze everything out of the images provided, twisting them, making them metaphors, allegories, mythic, humorous, sharp and soft - running with them." Setareh Ebrahimi