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I am a field

by  Rosemary McLeish

ISBN 978-1-9160183-0-3

Paperback, 72p, 2019

£10 (+ £2 postage UK)

£10 (+ £5 postage world)

This debut full-length collection of eclogues and recollections powerfully  captures place and time. Worlds balance on a page and spin. Each time it stops, you want to go there.


ROSEMARY MCLEISH is a Glasgow-born poet and Outsider artist. She completed a Masters degree in Creative Writing at Glasgow University in 2005, and her poetry has been published in magazines including Confluence, The Writer’s Cafe, Strix, Anti-Heroin Chic and in anthologies including several from Grey Hen Press, and Pendle War Poetry. She often displays her poems along with artworks in art exhibitions.


She has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2018, shortlisted in the Bedford Writing Competition 2018, shortlisted in the Saveas Writers’ International Writing Competition 2017 and was Runner-Up in the 2018 Poetry Book Society/MsLexia Women’s Poetry Competition with 'Red Rebecca' which is included in this book.   


Reviews of I am a field:

“To have a first full collection from poet and artist Rosemary McLeish is an absolute pleasure... Darkly humorous, taking fear by the throat, telling it how it is – that is the expectation and she never disappoints. But here, in the first and longest part of this collection especially, is a different voice altogether ... she newly reveals herself as a poet who writes with lyrical beauty about a lifetime’s deep connection with nature. The mood of the second and third parts of the book changes, and we are asked to take a look at the obverse in particular the grim prospect of a world and its species enduring climate change and the possibility of extinction...

But she manages to maintain her lyrical touch throughout, so that the collection as a whole remains cohesive and utterly compelling.” Joy Howard (Grey Hen Press)


“I love the salty relish and brio of this poem, and its narrative quality. The voice of Red Rebecca is very exuberant and funny. And there’s a hint of archaic authenticity about it, as though it’s a translation of an old Gaelic song.” Carol Ann Duffy, on ‘Red Rebecca’ (MsLexia 80) 

Read an interview with Rosie on the Confluence website

Fire in the head

by  SM Jenkin

ISBN 978-0-9926853-9-3

Paperback, 48p, 2018

£10 (+ £2 postage UK)

£10 (+ £5 postage world)

In the debut poetry collection, SM Jenkin gives us a Blakean book of fire and magic. 

SM Jenkin is a regular performer on the UK live lit scene, has performed internationally, and has been published in numerous literary anthologies and magazines.


Reviews of Fire in the head: 

“You can taste the tang of the Medway in these sharp, observant poems, where myth and history gang-up on the present to tell new tales. A fine line-up from poet, SM Jenkin, to waken the sleepers and inspire fresh dreams.”
Caitlín Matthews (author of Diary of a Soul Doctor and King Arthur’s Raid.)

“In this collection, Chatham based poet SM Jenkin, interweaves myths of seal wives and Medway mermaids, with her own stories and experiences. She questions what it means, if anything, to be ‘adjusted’ in the world and contrasts her philosophies with rich imagery, exploring the ferocity of nature and her thirst for its wild freedom.”
Isabelle Kenyon (Fly on the Wall Poetry Press)

Read an interview with SM. (Confluence)



Longing for more

by  Jonathan Terranova

ISBN 978-0-9926853-8-6

Paperback, 64pp, 2018

£10 (+ £2 postage UK)

£10 (+ £5 postage world)

This debut collection of poetry negotiates a kind of peace with the twin foes of loss and grief. The poet puts his unflinching
honesty on the table to make a bargain with the reader. 

Jonathan Terranova is a visceral writer who contrasts the hideous tragedy of the natural world with its awe inspiring

beauty. He was named as one of eight
contemporary poets changing the face of the artform by Gigwise.  

Reviews of Longing for more: 

There is real, raw emotion in these poems, both delicate and brutal. It is an intensely personal path through grief and loss with points of brilliant clarity and beauty. Jonathan Terranova is a brave poet with a disarming honesty and an ability to completely immerse you in his world." Mark Holihan (author of There Are No Foreign Lands)

"Jonathan’s writing deals with personal loss, both familial and romantic. The poems reveal clearly what is causing Terranova the difficulties at the heart of them. He has lost his brother to alcoholism and he has lost a partner. Both of these traumas swim and intertwine in the text as he deals with work (he is a carer), drinks (often while writing) and encounters the everyday (he lives in Kent)... a heartfelt and deeply human release on the hardships of mourning and bereavement and overcoming them. " Jamie Lee (Pariah Press, Gigwise)

Read an interview with Jon. (Confluence)

England, my dandelion heart

by Barry Fentiman Hall

ISBN 978-0-9926853-7-9

Paperback, 68pp, 2018

£10 (+ £2 UK postage)

£10 (+ £5 postage world)

One man's trash

by Matt Chamberlain and Spreken

ISBN 978-0-9926853-6-2

Paperback, 44pp, 2017

£8 (+ £2 UK postage)

This debut collection marks the culmination of two and a half years of the poet being lost in England in the time of Dave ‘n’ Teri. These poems attempt to capture the dandelion heart of the nation. Dandelions ‘grow anywhere and bloom many times. They even possess a unique beauty when their flower decays and the light catches them in just the right way. Ready to catch the breeze and brighten the world a little in the future. It’s good to be a dandelion.’  

Reviews of England, my dandelion heart: 

“A bold, daring collection that is both a lament for and a celebration of England, the Medway delta and the poet’s Northern roots.”  Bill Lewis (author of In The House Of Ladders and The Long Ago And Eternal Now

“Barry Fentiman Hall is an expert archaeologist of abjection, conjuring living fossils and rented moments, burrowing down through the strata beneath the face on the streets. This is poetry that rescues something important from being trod into the carpet; that finds its feet where the rain gets heavier and understands that there is not always a choice between death and flight.”  Phil Smith (author of Mythogeography and Anywhere)

Poems inspired by mundane photos leads to unexpected beauty. This collaboration between two Kent poets started life as a writing experiment to help escape writers’ block. What has been created is a collection where two seemingly disparate poetical styles complement and intensify each other. Deliberately mundane images were sent as inspirations but the poems which resulted are decidedly not mundane. 

Reviews of One man's trash: 

  "Luminous descriptions and gregarious explorations of life’s detritus..." Mark Holihan (author of There are no foreign lands)

  "There’s a precious fragility to this poetry, and it’s a testament to the poets’ imagination that they squeeze everything out of the images provided, twisting them, making them metaphors, allegories, mythic, humorous, sharp and soft - running with them." Setareh Ebrahimi (author of In my arms)

Read a Q + A with the authors


The Unbearable Sheerness of Being by Barry Fentiman Hall
Paperback, 28pp, 2016

£5 (+ £1.50 UK postage)

Your copy will be one of a special limited edition with extra poem produced for the live show! 

Cover of An assemblance of judicious heretics

An assemblance of judicious heretics
ISBN: 978-0-9926853-3-1
Paperback, 100pp, full colour illustrations, Oct 2015

Edited by Sam Hall

£10 (1/3 off + £2 UK POSTAGE) 

City without a head
ISBN: 978-0-9926853-0-0
Paperback, 156pp, £12, 2013

Writings by: B Fentiman; S Hall (ed); SM Jenkin; AM Jordan; S March; T Moyle; R Smith. Ink drawings by V. Wainwright


Thirteen poems and one story all inspired by the Isle of Sheppey. From scorpions, and teenagers, to an escaped dog and an encounter with a timeless entity, follow in BFH's fantastical footsteps as he travels round the island, observing and imagining, and make sure you beware the Big Bad...  Barry is a poet, performer and presenter with a taste for psychogeography. 

  "... a kind of nautical magical realism, told on a lingering poetic note with hole punches of bog standard humanity." Sarah Hehir (Child Z, Zero Down)

"... there was space for me to get inside the lines and be moved. Which I was."

Helena Nelson, Sphinx Read full review 

Writing and artwork by  established writers and artists sits alongside the work of new talent in this stunning anthology. (Nominated in the Kent Culture Awards 2016.) Taking Robert Frost's poem 'The Road Not Taken' as inspiration, 33 writers wrote stories, poems and a play. The writing was then given anonymously to 35 artists who then interpreted the new texts in whatever medium they wanted: and the art was featured in an exhibition in September 2015. 

   Words and art are reproduced in full in this gorgeous A5 full colour book. 

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Dip in and out of this collection of short stories, poems and other ephemera inspired by life in cities... City without a head is an alternative index of life in the city. It is a collection of poetry and prose taking the theme of an alphabetical index. It is not a guide book. If you are lost it cannot help you find your way, but it may help you pass the time until the the way finds you.

Reviews of City without a head:

“This is a city that does not do, or suffer, or change; instead, its parts fall into place like small dead meat on an ocean floor...”

Mythogeography recommends... Read full review

“... an exceptionally refreshing and eloquent anthology...”

FemaleArts ****  Read full review

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