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See below for our list of plays. Postage to the UK is £2 for the first item, £1 each for additional items.

How to order books: UK based buyers can buy now with Paypal, or email for information on other ways to pay. Non-UK based buyers and bulk buyers should email us too for an accurate postage quote.


ISBN: 978-1-9160183-3-4
Paperback, 64pp, 2020  £10 + £2 p+p

Giving Up Marty

by Karen Bartholomew

Two identities, no identity, identity shattered - the adoption conundrum. 

★★★★ 'Theatre at its most thought provoking' Broadway World

★★★★★ 'Refreshing and beautifully written' Adoption UK

★★★★ 'Purposeful and heart wrenching' Everything Theatre


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ISBN: 978-0-9926853-2-4

Paperback, 60pp, 2015 £10 + £2 p+p

Zero Down

by Sarah Hehir

When a student joins the zero hours team at a run down care home underlying tensions between the overworked nurses and their patients really start to surface. 

★★★★ ... opens up all sorts of questions, questions that need to be asked.


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ISBN: 978-0-9926853-5-5
Paperback, 48pp, 2017 £
10 + £2 p+p

God's Waiting Room

by Karen Bartholomew

Sisters Stella and Connie may be different from one another but share a common and profound love for their dying mother. An end of life comedy.
★★★★ "Poignant, funny and beautifully accurate"  London Pub Theatres


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ISBN: 978-0-9926853-1-7

Paperback, 56pp, 2015 £10 + £2 p+p

Child Z

by Sarah Hehir

Zoe is a teenage girl growing up in a deeply disturbing society. If those paid to protect her aren't listening, then who is? 

★★★★★ ... a play that is every bit as moving as it is necessary.  FemaleArts 

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ISBN: 978-0-9926853-4-8
Paperback, 60pp, 2015 £
10 + £2 p+p

My Mind is Free

by Sam Hall

 My Mind is Free  tells the stories of four victims of human trafficking. 

* Nominated for the Human Trafficking Foundation’s Anti-Slavery Day media awards * 

★★★★ “an important show...” 



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