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... 2014: Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know

Photo of exhibition wall

AN ASSEMBLANCE OF JUDICIOUS HERETICS is an experiment in collaboration between writers and artists first produced for the Rochester LitFest 2014.

Marilyn Simpson photograph of flowers

Photos above: (Top) The exhibition wall. (Bottom) Marilyn Simpson's interpretation of Chris Page's writing.

We invited writers to submit short pieces on the open theme of ‘Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know’.


We sent the resulting writing to artists anonymously and they interpreted the poems and stories and came up with art in an incredibly diverse variety of forms. The texts were illustrated in a variety of ways – collage, oils, watercolours, pencil, sculpture, photographs, computer art, mixed-media, objects…


The exhibition ran as part of the Rochester LitFest at Rochester Library from 26 September – 25 October 2014, with a live literature event where the collaborators’ identities were revealed on 2 October.


This project ran yearly for 5 years. 



‘Felt very welcome: nice relaxed atmosphere.’ 

‘Fantastic – how lucky we are to have a library like this and so many talented poets. More of this please: lots of poets reading a single poem. Loved the artwork also.’ 

‘Very enjoyable and entertaining. More poetry reading events please.’ 

‘Excellent content.’ 

‘More of the same please.’

Nigel Adams artwork photo
Bill Lewis, Medway Poet

Photos above: (Top) Nigel Adams' interpretation of Roy Smith's writing. (Bottom) Poet Bill Lewis reads his poem. Photo by Marilyn Simpson.

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