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published 2018


This debut collection of poetry negotiates a kind of peace with the twin foes of loss and grief. The poet puts his unflinching
honesty on the table to make a bargain with the reader. 

Jonathan Terranova is a visceral writer who contrasts the hideous tragedy of the natural world with its awe inspiring

beauty. He was named as one of eight contemporary poets changing the face of the artform by Gigwise.  

Reviews of Longing for more: 

There is real, raw emotion in these poems, both delicate and brutal. It is an intensely personal path through grief and loss with points of brilliant clarity and beauty. Jonathan Terranova is a brave poet with a disarming honesty and an ability to completely immerse you in his world." Mark Holihan (author of There Are No Foreign Lands)

"Jonathan’s writing deals with personal loss, both familial and romantic. The poems reveal clearly what is causing Terranova the difficulties at the heart of them. He has lost his brother to alcoholism and he has lost a partner. Both of these traumas swim and intertwine in the text as he deals with work (he is a carer), drinks (often while writing) and encounters the everyday (he lives in Kent)... a heartfelt and deeply human release on the hardships of mourning and bereavement and overcoming them. "  Jamie Lee (Pariah Press, Gigwise)

Read an interview with Jon. (Confluence)

Read Jon's poem for our project - An Assemblance of Judicious Heretics - 'A thousand valves within me pour forth'.

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