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... possibly the world's smallest writing retreat

Come and visit THE WORDSHED, where inside, instead of seeds, pots and a lawnmower, you will find yourself in a blossoming, inspirational world of words. Possibly the world’s smallest writing retreat, where ideas are nurtured and your writing can grow! No wrong, no right, only writing! Initially created as a Fuse Festival Spark Commission 2013.

Young woman writes in the WordShed photo
The WordShed photo

For each of the days of Fuse Festival, we set up our cosy writing shed in one of the Medway towns, where we invited people in, to sit a while, think and write, and in exchange for their words, receive a copy of our new collaborative Medway creative writing publication, The Seed Catalogue.


The publication was created in a series of open access creative writing workshops in Medway libraries in advance of the festival and made into a booklet which was distributed there.


A fun literary experience for adults and children, we are on hand to guide you through a series of spontaneous writing exercises - such as collaborative poetry, timed automatic writing, and speed haikus. For much younger people, we offer a blank piece of paper to write or draw on. 


We have also taken The WordShed on the road, where we set up in other small structures: a smoking shelter as part of Rochester LitFest's Garden party 2013, a gazebo at Milton Creek Art in the Park day 2014, and a market stall at Gravesend Market's Footfall project 2014.


The WordShed and the WordShedders are available for touring, please enquire. 

Young man adding to collaborative poem
Writing prompts photo
WordShed at Footfall photo

Photos show: (left hand side) WordShed in action. (Above) Rochester LitFest collaborative poem, Art in the park prompts, Word Shed at Footfall. 

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